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Delta Wagyu South Africa was established from the partnership between the Binnie and Du Plessis families. The Delta Wagyu group has partnerships all over the world, giving our African customers access to some of the best wagyu genetics on offer.  DWSA is a one stopshopoffering embryos, semen, and strategic management systems to optimize your business. 

​​97% weaning rate
90% premium paid for full blood Wagyu over commodity beef
Delta genetics in TOP 2% of breed for GROWTH & MARBLING

Wagyu is a breed of cattle native to Japan. The meat from wagyu cattle is known for its superior quality,  health attributes and consequently, commands a high price. This breed is genetically predisposed to intense marbling and produces a higher percentage of oleaginous, unsaturated fat, more than any other breed of cattle.

Globally the demand for wagyu beef has unparalleled growth, with Asia, Europe, and America becoming major importers. Wagyu beef is not only desirable to consumers, but the cattle provides great market opportunities for farmers, such as:


Genetic edge

Share wagyu genetics globally 


Delta Wagyu is at the cutting edge of genetic progress in carcass value, polled and red Akaushi genetics. We have the 2015 and 2016 Champion of the World Bull, the Silver Medal Winning Female, a Fullblood Heterozygous Polled Bull, the only known Red High Tajima Polled Bull in the World and all known Purebred Black Polled outcross lines.

Building long last partnerships 

Develop differentiated wagyu genetics